A setting Sun sets through the Little Tunnel high on the cliffs above Naramata in the South Okanagan Valley. This phenomenon only occurs for two weeks of the year surrounding Summer Solstice.A beautiful, orange sunset during autumn in the South Okanagan Valley as a Canadian Maple Leaf traps itself on the beach of Okanagan Lake.A self portrait taken high above Naramata along the Kettle Valley Railway, a portion of Trans-Canada Trail that traverses three mountain ranges in BC's Southern Interior.A golden glow from an Okanagan sunset saturates the valley and a Naramata Bench vineyards overlooking Okanagan Lake and Giant's Head Mountain in the early spring.Lush, green Naramata Bench vineyards overlooking Okanagan Lake during a blue sky, summer day.Scenic sunset over the Naramata Bench vineyards and Okanagan Lake beaches.A wintry blue Okanagan Lake stands still amongst a snow covered vineyard landscape in the South Okanagan Valley during a whiteout snowstorm.DCIM\101GOPRO\G0135681.DCIM\101GOPRO\G0145827.Aerial photography of the South Okanagan and Naramata Bench vineyards under a blue sky.An aerial view of the beautiful city of Penticton surrounded by Okanagan Lake and the Naramata Bench vineyards.