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Commercial Real Estate photography for Crooked Tree B&B

Commercial Real Estate photography for Cormier's Studio & B&B

Located in the South Okanagan Valley, we help sell your properties by creating high quality photos & videos that engage your target audience & potential clients. We work closely with realtors, residential and commercial builders, interior designers, renovation firms, rental agencies in apartments and suites, construction companies, bed and breakfast operators and stage/stagers consultants to create high quality photos and video tours of interior and exterior architecture, both residential and commercial spaces. We feature night time real estate photography to allow photo shoots to take place at sunset/sunrise, when the light is best & we can create that warm, comforting atmosphere.

We believe that in order to sell the house quick, the photos must stand out and focus on the intimate details of the property. This is where we come to the realtor’s help.

Key Features of our Real Estate Photography & Videography Services:

  • High quality photo/video services in interior and exterior architectural photography, applicable to the construction and renovation firms, as well as to the real estate and rental market industries.

  • Extensive photo editing after photo shoot to ensure colour balance, clarity & brightness are optimized for print/web

  • Photos that allows viewers to see through the window, without white, over-exposed/washed out windows. We offer this service complimentary and free of charge to all customers.

  • Photos are taken using a wide angle lens, captured in a way that shows “3D dimension-like” or shows all 3 walls to show depth.

  • Complimentary distortion correction to ensure walls are straight.

  • No licensing headaches! We provide a Royalty Free license so you can use the photos as your own.

  • Travel to customer’s location (additional travel fee may apply outside of the South Okanagan area)

  • Personalized, friendly service to meet your schedule and business' needs.

  • We continue to operate our photo shoot of houses in cloudy weather. We cannot predict the weather forecast which is always subjected to change. Our difference between ourselves and our competitors, is that we can post process the photos so that we can turn a grey cloudy sky into a nice blue sunny sky. However, there are occasions where we may need to reschedule.

  • Affordable compared to many of our competitors

  • An exclusive online gallery to download high resolution photos and/or videos or share them with colleagues.


Signature, custom exteriors – the most important image for your building’s appeal.

The look of your building does not change often, so let us help you to define your property in the best possible light.  Often, that means custom lighting, creative angles, and expert post production solutions.  We will bring in our team to create your signature look in conjunction with brand guidelines and ideal seasonal conditions.  Also consider aerial solutions to demonstrate prime location and amenity access.


Website Photography for Orion B&B, Penticton, BC Website Photography/Digital Marketing for Crooked Tree Guest Suites

Signature interiors – warm, inviting spaces custom lit and styled to your standards.

Custom interior photography is an exercise in problem solving.  Light and shadow challenge the eye.  Every aspect of an image must be considered, lit, styled – top to bottom – left to right – front to back.  Our attention to detail and ability to follow your branding requirements will produce the images that get your property noticed and engaged by potential clients.  Create a consistent look for all interior spaces working with us.  With 20 years under our belts, we will be there for updates and renovations too.


To compete in this crowded marketplace, you need the best images you can get.

Have you ever decided where you want to stay on vacation based on the photographs?  Most people do.  Let us bring our techniques and experience to work for you with professional images and video to help you fill up your rental property fast, and at higher rates.  Highly styled, well thought out angles, times of day, post production, and other skills are brought to bear in creating the ideal portfolio of images.  Set yourself apart from the competition by working with us.  It only takes 1 or 2 bookings to cover costs, so why wait?

Why Hire a Professional?

When people search for properties, the first thing they look at are the photos – both interior and exterior.  Photos that don’t appeal to the eye will give buyers a false impression that the property does not look beautiful, and will simply cause buyers to look for another property.

Conversely, photos that are professionally done will give buyers the impression that the property looks more pleasant to live in, and entices the buyer to come visit the property in person.  Professionally done still photos would include having a bright and detailed contrast photos everywhere – including the windows. In addition, a dedicated wide angle lens is used to dramatically show the tight interior spaces, so that people can view everything in a tight space. A normal point and shoot with flash will not achieve professional results because the flash makes the room lit in a flat fashion, and makes the room look uneven details in brightness and shadows will occur.

In addition, professional real estate photographers such as us, who take professional photos, may include additional marketing selling features such as a Video Tour with music to give buyers a sense of being at that property, without leaving  the comfort of their own home.

A professional photographer can create an image that will use the scene to guide the viewer’s eye to certain points, accentuating the best features of the home through the use of angles, contrast, and colour.

While professional real estate photos and video tours/virtual tours may cost slightly more than taking photos yourselves, it may worth the investment for easier marketing and perhaps selling the property faster.

Photography Rates

Don't expect any hidden fees with us. Our Price per Image allows you to select only what you like, at no initial risk! We create the images for free, you purchase what you need afterwards. Digital files include a Royalty Free license, meaning no copyright headaches! Use the images for both print & web advertising, perpetually! Preserved Light works with award winning home and commercial builders, real estate agents & accommodation businesses to provide photography for their marketing needs and contest entries. With pricing starting as low as $250.00, Preserved Light can create a portfolio of professional photos of your project.

High Definition Video Tour - Timelapse, Stabilized Gimbal, HD Video

The video tour is recorded in Full 1080P High Definition Footage format; a web-ready format to be used on the Realtor’s website or YouTube/social media.
Our videos are not slideshow type style – they are real movement videos.

Spruce RoomSpruce Room Professional photographer and filmmaker based in the South Okanagan Valley. Commercial, Advertising, Marketing, Real Estate, Travel, Tourism, Wedding, WorkshopsProfessional photographer and filmmaker based in the South Okanagan Valley. Commercial, Advertising, Marketing, Real Estate, Travel, Tourism, Wedding, Workshops

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